The Best Torrent Proxy / VPN Services of 2015

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uTorrent proxy and VPN use is on the rise so here are the recommended Bittorrent proxies to download torrents anonymously. A Torrent VPN service is recommended which has some advantages over proxies as listed at the end of this post.

Only the leading anonymity services have been examined which are just as suitable for any other online traffic besides p2p / torrenting.

When making your choice, consider the following points –

  1. Simply choose the service that suites your needs. 1 year packages will save you some serious bucks.
  2. Check if there are VPN servers located in your country for optimal download/upload speed.
  3. All listed Proxy / VPN providers support torrent traffic and have NO bandwidth limits.
  4. The logging policy of each service has been added to ensure your level of privacy with them.

The Best VPNs for torrenting – no logging

IPVanish Review

Good and steadily growing selection of servers worldwide.

Best value and server speeds (120+ Mbit/s). 7 day money back guarantee.

utorrent proxy server

Stay safe.. torrent on!

No logging at all.

IPVanish also gives users shared IP addresses, which adds another layer of security and anonymity.  This means that user A’s traffic is mixed with user B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s and so on, making it impossible to single out anyone for anything, even if we tried.


Great value. 30 day money back guarantee. No logging at all. Review

Great price and value. No logging at all. Highest level of privacy.

With minimal logging


One of the cheapest VPN offers with great value. 15 day money back guarantee.

Only $36.95 annually. Cheapest Torrent VPN!

Your Internet usage is not monitored. No user activity logs are kept. However the following data is kept and recorded for 7 days:

– Time, date and location VPN connection was made.
– Duration of the VPN connection.
– Bandwidth used during the connection.

So what’s the deal about logging?

Most of the anonymity services log the time and IP which is connected to their VPN server. They mainly do this to maintain their service quality.

This means they store a time stamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to their VPN service together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you. However, they do not store details of, or monitor, the websites you connect to when using their VPN service. You should not be worried about those connection logs. Only in case you are doing something highly illegal (child-porn, cracking, DDoSing, spamming etc.) which will get the attention of CIA / FBI, use the above VPN service that does not store any logs.

The “6 strikes” rule in the US is a warning system, it is not a government program and offenders can’t be prosecuted in any way. Essentially, the worst thing that can happen to you is that your ISP cuts off your Internet service – and there are some who question whether any ISPs will actually take that step. Basically the ISP alerts will go like this:

  • First infringement: Your ISP will inform you of about the downloaded file(s)
  • Second infringement: You will get an email about confirming the receipt or your ISP will call you
  • Third and fourth infringements: You are required to be “educated” by watching a video about piracy
  • Fifth and sixth infringements: Your internet connection is terminated or slowed down

Torrent Proxy vs VPN

Both VPN and proxy services let you use the Internet anonymously. However, keep the following differences in mind:

  • VPN tends to be more solid and secure with more security options to choose from
  • Not all applications work with proxies and most of them need special configuration to work
  • When you connect to a VPN server, all your traffic is encrypted, no matter what application you use

It’s obvious that VPN is the better and recommended choice to keep the big brother away. Get your connection secured and enjoy leeching/seeding without any fear of identification.

Any Free Proxy Servers?

There are some free VPN servers for torrenting you can use, but keep in mind that they are very limited in server locations, speed and bandwidth. It takes time and risk to find the best proxy server for free.

Be aware that they usually include nasty adware that can harm your computer (privacy) and change browser settings, which you have to fix afterwards since uninstalling does not restore your default settings.

You can try some clean and checked free hide IP address methods.

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  1. Harrison says

    So say I use the browser from pirate bay and I use a proxy while doing that and I download from pirate bay using Bit torrent, am I anonymous when I seed?

    • Admin says

      You will need to enter the proxy settings in your Bittorrent client to seed/download anonymously. If you use a VPN, ALL your traffic will be anonymous and you don't need to setup anything in your Bittorrent, browser or whatever client you use to transfer data.. just make sure you pick a proxy/VPN which has servers in your country for best speed/latency.

  2. SM says

    Couple months ago I had my internet shut off for downloading torrents. They never sent me anything, no calls, no emails, did not notified me in anyway, nor did they throttle my connection, all of a sudden I had no internet access. Then a contract popped up on the browser saying I had to sign it if I wanted my internet back. It was from the anti piracy organizations via my ISP. My ISP at the time was Time Warner, now I have ATT.

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